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Tamasha/Kiln/Live Theatre 2019

In a scruffy minicab office, Mansha decides it’s time to create his own destiny and offers to buy the business from his lifelong friend Raf.

As the realities of the state of the company slowly unravel, these two best friends must confront the difficulties of going into business with those closest to them.

Set in the North of England in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher’s death, Approaching Empty is the compelling drama by playwright Ishy Din that lays bare the everyday struggles of a post-industrial generation of British men.

Cast: Kammy Darweish, Karan Gill, Nicholas Khan, Rina Fatania, Nicholas Prasad, Maanuv Thiara

Set & Costume design - Rosa Maggiora 

Sound Design - Arun Ghosh 

Lighting Design - David Plater

Dramaturge - Lin Coghlan

Accent Coach - Edda Sharpe 

Fight Director - Lisa Connell

Costume Supervisor - Sydney Florence

Casting Director - Polly Jerrold 

Assistant Director - Heather Carroll

★★★★ The Stage 

"Directed with pace and clarity by Pooja Ghai... an entertaining and well-crafted drama" 

★★★★ BritishTheatre.Com 


★★★★ LondonTheatre1 

"Characterful and engaging" 

★★★★ The Scottish Herald  

"Quite deliberately set in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher's death in 2013 and the blanket TV covrage it provoked, Din's Play becomes a terrier-like microcosm of the sort of free market capitalism she championed."

★★★★ The Scotsman

"In Pooja Ghai's superbly paced production, the argument is handled with a rare combination of light-touch theatrical energy and dramatic weight."


"Approaching Empty is directoed with subtlety by Pooja Ghai ...the emotionally complex characters are superbly drawn and brilliantly acted...Din's sharper than sharp insightful writing helps us to consider the lives of the everyday struggles of the everyday workig class person..."

The Telegraph 

"Din is a man to follow" 


"Din's play is an interesting insight into a profession we think we know so much about" 

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