New Writing, Contemporary plays and a re-imagining of the classics all provide a template to produce thought provoking and innovative work. As artists we have the platform to respond to the socio-political climate and explore, for example, issues causing the polarisation of our society. Reflections and representations are powerful tools that can heal and create a sense of belonging. Theatre in all its myriads, has the ability to reflect our stories back at us, challenge our beliefs and precipitate change. 

I believe in creating work that responds to UK and the wider demographics of the planet we live on. This means being accountable for stories that are representative and deliver a depth of experience. Giving voice to underrepresented groups, telling stories that respond and resonate with working class, the colonial and post-colonial experience and stories that re-dress the balance of the whitewashing of history, all contribute to a more inclusive and representative theatre ecology. 

 In my extensive work as a dramaturg, for both established and emerging playwrights, I have supported the nurturing of new writing from page to stage through a process of constructive criticsm, mentorship and collaboration.

I am represented by Mark Price at AHA Talent https://www.ahatalent.co.uk/creative/pooja-ghai/

Marble Surface
Marble Surface


U.K.’s Black & Brown Creatives Call for ‘Strategic Commitments’ to Representation in Open Letter Signed by 5,000 to the UK TV and Film Industry.

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